Thursday, 21 May 2015

The foot that changed my (sewing) life

I'm a busy mum, just like you! I mean the word mum/mom is pretty much synanmous with being busy! So when (very clever) people introduce me to tricks that make my sewing faster and easier I JUMP on that train!

It just turns out to be mega bonus points that these little tricks also make my sewing neater - ridiculously neater, with no added effort!

Let's start with the best new foot I've ever ever ever used!! The Blind Hem Foot - now seriously this should just be called the magical fairy foot!! 

It makes perfectly straight sewing a breeze when you're sewing straps, bias, hems and so on. 

You can see in the photo above I've set my guide to the 1/8" mark and now all I have to do is keep my fabric up against the guide and TA-DAH!! Perfectly straight lines! 

You can also use the outside of the guide to line up the edge of your fabric to mark your seam allowance or hems when you sew - making sure your seams are perfectly even all the way! 

I'm not a big believer in top stitching (just a personal preference - I'm an understitcher) but if you love to top stitch then THIS foot should become your new best friend!!  Line up your guide with the seam and away you go!

Happy sewing peeps
T xx

Saturday, 16 May 2015

One Thimble Issue 7 Blog Tour

Issue 7 of One Thimble was released yesterday, Friday 15th May and today is my big day on the Blog Tour! Issue 7 is JAM PACKED with some awesome PDF Patterns as well as loads of tricks and tips and tutorials (warning: shameless self promo coming up) including one by yours truly! 

I'm just a little excited to be joining in on my very first blog tour!! I was lucky enough to roadtest 3 of the 10 (yes, 10!!!) awesome PDF patterns

But let me just take a moment to *swoon* over this cover photo.... I could totally get lost in this!

Which is really quite fitting for my first road test of the 'Down the Rabbit Hole' appliqué from Ric-Rac and Retro

I've always been a huge fan of Sarah's work, and this appliqué pattern is by far my favourite to date. When I first read through the tutorial I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of using a darning foot. From all the YouTube videos I'd seen they looked scary!! 

So I practised on a few pieces of scrap and got comfortable...Oh! who am I kidding.... I didn't practice... I dove straight in head first with crazed excitement and had a go... and OMG I can see this being addictive!! #freemotionallthethings 

To sum it up - everything you know about sewing? throw it OUT THE DOOR!! There's no stopping to pivot or turn the fabric!! You just keep going, like you're drawing on the fabric with your needle!!
The appliqué pattern pieces, template and tutorial are all in the latest  Issue 7 of One Thimble

Next up was the cutest little hoodie from TigerLily Patterns. 

If, like me you have a little princess fan in the house, who is also part gypsy  and LOVES to be outdoors, then this hoodie should have her covered (pun intended!) With winter is on its way, even princesses need to stay warm!

I made the straight sleeve version in polar fleece for Miss L and I could not get her to stand still and stop singing 'let it goooooooooooo here I STAMP!!!' At the top of her lungs for all the cheese bribes in France!! 

Yes, it's a zip front... but a super simple, well explained zip insertion, so don't be put off by that at all! This was my first time sewing a zip - ever... 
The pattern, size 3-12 is available in Issue 7 of One Thimble. And YES, there is a Prince option too!! 

The last pattern I road-tested was the Jukebox Duet from FLOSStyle  for One Thimble. The pattern has a large size range from 1 right through to 16 and 2 different style options - The Rhythm and The Tempo.

The Rhythm option is apparently the big winner in this household as it's comfortable enough for Miss L to play in (I won't show you the photos of her hanging off the monkey bars wearing it!) and the cowl neck makes me feel like I've done my mummy bit to keep the kiddo warm - win/win really!!

The Tempo is the cotton style with cute little button loop detailing on the shoulders (which incidentally I forgot to add) I can see this looking super cute layered up for winter with some boots, however my model was not willing to partake in dress ups!

These three and so many other awesome patterns are available now in Issue 7. I have a hectic few days ahead with my baby turning 1 on Sunday, but as soon as I have some time Miss L has demanded a Bedtime Buddy that looks like Merida from Brave, so I'll be making her one of those! The Bedtime Buddy pattern from Threading Rainbows is also available in Issue 7.

Don't forget to join the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts Facebook group for offers and support.

There are so many more talented bloggers joining in the blog tour to review the entire range of patterns from One Thimble's Issue 7. You can follow the blog tour using the links below. 
Much love and sew happiness 
T xx

Friday, 1 May 2015

Pattern Hack - adding lace to pleats

I recently tested the Tadah Patterns Pleatie Dress and Shortsuit and made this version with lace in the pleats. 

It's super simple and SO effective!! I'll show you how to recreate it

You'll need your pattern piece and some lace

Mark out your pleats as per your pattern

Fold along your marked line, finger press and turn over, right side down. 

I use glue to hold my lace perfectly in place, you can use pins of course.

Make sure you line the lace up well, turn over and double check your lace is even, sew with the allowance of the pattern you're using. I'm using a coloured thread so you can see what I've done - it makes a nice pattern as well if you're confident you can sew perfectly straight.

Continue with your other pleats the same way, then iron them all toward the arm hole.

Thats it.... simple huh??

T xx