Saturday, 27 June 2015

KCW Day 6

June/July for us is party central with my toddlers friends birthdays!

And of course one of the parties we're invited to is a Frozen theme. So I thought I'd make use of Day 6 of Kids Clothes Week to make my baby a 'Baby Elsa' outfit to wear to the party next weekend.

The top half of the romper is based on the hummingbird but heavily modified and the bottom half is from the Tadah Patterns Vintie Romper

A friend of mine gave me this deliciously soft Michael Miller clip dot fabric a while back and I've sat on it waiting for the right project. 

Now to plan the toddlers Elsa dress for the party! 

Friday, 26 June 2015

KCW Day 5

Today's stop on my Kids Clothes Week trip was somewhat of a disaster....

I decided to try out a super cute and FREE pattern and it just didn't work for me!

I wouldn't say I'm a very experienced seamstress so a large part of the blame lies with my lack of skills and also I've been spoiled by some awesome pattern designers who write clear, detailed, fantastic instructions. 

There was one paragraph of instructions (OMG!!) and I didn't realise till after I'd cut it all out thy I had to add the seam allowance in myself *sigh* why don't I read patterns before I jump in!! and my personal favourite line of the instructions 'insert zip' ummmmm ok... (Insert a few swear words and a tear or two) 

Then I found this awesome video by Shauna from Shwin designs on how to insert zips (ps: I love you for this one Shauna) 

I will make another, because... Well... It's incredibly cute!! And looks amazing on my toddler! But I think I'll have to work out some other way of constructing it. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

KCW Day 4

Today's stop on my Kids Clothes Week trip is a favourite old destination Tadah Patterns Peg Pants

These pants are a staple in my toddler's day care wardrobe - they not only look awesome, they are super comfy and allow her to run, climb and dance to her hearts content. Lately they've also become a  firm favourite for me to make as presents for all the little men we know.

My toddler is cat crazy (and we're a dog house!! How that happened?!?! I don't really know!) and I found this awesome fabric at my local Spotlight store. When I spotted it I knew I had to make her something from it. 

When I sewed these up, I have to admit I didn't love them. They looked bland and a little boring to be honest. However, once she put them on and ran around the yard miaowing, I knew regardless of what I thought of them, she loved them and really-- that's what KCW is to me. 

If you've never heard of Tadah Patterns, do yourself a favour and check them out. They're only of the best written, best illustrated, best explained and best fitting patterns I've ever come across. They also have a very supportive Facebook Sewing Group

Happy Sewing peeps
T xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

KCW Day 3

Day three of Kids Clothes Week and today's destination is some more pattern testing today for Bubby and Me Creations

This time I'm making the Tilly Dress pattern as it was meant -- with pleats 

The thing I really like about this pattern is the fit - it's fantastic!! It's also a really fast sew, which makes me happy as I lose focus really easily haha. There are a few length options - top, tunic and dress as well as slim and full skirt options! I love patterns with options. 

Unfortunately today's sewing doesn't meet the toddlers brief of a princess dress but I adore this combination and luckily one of her little friends looks totally gorgeous in the dress.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

KCW Day 2

Today's stop on my Kids Clothes Week Trip and today I'm mashing some pattern testing in with trying to win parent of the day - two win, I say!

My toddler is Tinkerbell cray cray so I've made her this cute little Tilly Dress (pattern coming soon from Bubby and Me Creations

The pattern calls for pleats in the bodice but I left them out to get the fairy in there and from her squeals of delight when she got home from school and then insisted on wearing it straight away AND to bed last night, I'd say I'm favourite parent at the moment. I'll savour the moment while it lasts, she's a daddy's girl so I'll be out of favour again soon, no doubt.

Monday, 22 June 2015

KCW Day 1

It's Kid's Clothes Week this week and I'm joining in for the first time! The theme is Travelling this season and I'm making a very liberal interpretation of the theme. 

I'll be'll be travelling around new (to me) pattern designers and visiting pattern stores I've never been to before! As with all holidays, I'll be stopping in at some old favourites on the way home! 

Over the weekend my 2.5 year old said the words I had been dreading all her life "mummy, I want to be a pwincess". I'm not ashamed to admit that part of me was disappointed - I was hoping to skip this stage, but here we are! 

My kids sewing ethos is 'Made for Play' so sewing "pwincess" clothing is not my deal!! At all!! 

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the CkC Nadia dress - simple, quick and gorgeous, without all the frou frou 

It was my first ever CkC pattern, I must admit they're not by normal style and I'd not heard great things about their patterns but I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out! 

My little missy is pretty pleased with her new dress too 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Pattern Testing - Striped Swallow Designs - Wildflower Kimono

So, I should start with a confession - I've NEVER sewn grown up clothes before *gasp* so, of course I had to begin my foray into grown up clothing with a pattern test!

I discovered Striped Swallow Designs only a few months ago when I bought their kids Coachella Shorts pattern. I've since also bought her Soho Dress pattern, but sadly haven't had time to make one yet! 

I've been seeing sneaky pics posted for the Wildflower Kimono in the SSD sewing group, so was a bit excited when I was chosen as a tester! 

I made my first tester version in a cotton poplin and though it didn't fit me, it fit my friend perfectly, so lucky her inherited it! I think it suits her perfectly actually! 
If you've ever wanted to try sewing ladies clothing but have been a little scared, this might be the pattern to take the plunge to! It's a quick and easy sew - I mean, seriously quick! 

There aren't any pattern pieces - hooray!!! I HATE taping patterns together, so cutting rectangles is much more enticing! The instructions are clear and concise. 

The ladies sizing is a tiny bit different to Australian sizing, so use the measurement charts to choose your size, and you're sure to get a perfect fit!

I think it'll make a perfect beach cover up for summer (I'm in total denial that it's actually winter currently!!) But I think it also looks really gorgeous layered up for winter! 

My friend was most pleased it covered her behind haha!! 

I made one for my toddler in this gorgeous, drapey Cotton+Steel lawn and after she fluttered around the deck for about 20 minutes squealing "I'm a mutterfly mummy, look look look mummy I'm a mutterfly" I managed to get a couple of photos of it on!

Here she is mid-mutterfly-wing-flap hahahha 

With sizes from Newborn to girls 14 and Women's XS to 3XL you'll have every woman and girl in your home covered ALL IN ONE PATTERN!! Yep, you read right.... You don't have to purchase a separate womens and kids pattern - it's all in one!

Happy sewing ladies 
T xx