Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Sewing Challenge - June Week 4

For the final sew of June, I decided to try a transeasonal dress - The Bebekins Pattern Polly Pinafore it's a cute little pinafore style dress that looks gorgeous with long/short sleeved tees under or by itself.

This sweet little dress is off to my friends little miss as I'm sewing for her the whole of June, however after trying it on my Miss-Nearly-5 I think she needs a dress in these colours as they look so sweet on her <3

The pattern is a great fit, it has a placket in the skirt which makes for an easy on/off and there are options for a double or single ruffle (or no ruffle if you'd prefer) and also cut widths for an everyday skirt or a twirly skirt. I took the lazy options and just used the width of fabric as I do on pretty much all my skirts. 

This delightful fabric is a stunning range from Australian artist,  Laura Blythman and is available to purchase from Spotlight stores

Actually, the more I look at it while typing this, the more I think I should go and buy some more!

Happy Sewing everyone, I'm know where...

T xx

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sewing Challenge - June Week 3

This week I was feeling really tired and bogged down with a lot of other life things I've got going on so I really needed a quick sew to set my mood back. As it turned out it kinda spiralled out of control from a quick-fix-sew to a super cute little outfit that I totally adore! Don't ask about the poses.. these are all her own, not quite sure what look she was going for!

We went to Luna Park to meet up with a lovely online friend I had met via our common love of sewing and it was such a wonderful day! I love getting to meet sewing friends who I have only previously known online - you feel an instant bond!

So, for my outfit I used the Thread Faction #116 cardigan and the Lil Luxe Calabria T-shirt and for the skirt I used the Once Upon a Sewing Machine Miriam Skirt - the cardigan and skirt patterns are both available via Issue 15 of One Thimble currently - I would say one of my favourite issues to date as all the patterns really work so well together. The cardi is SUCH a quick sew, I made this one while hubby put Miss-Nearly-5 to bed one evening.

The problem began when I put the finished cardi onto a pile of fabric ready to press and the mint fabric looked so perfect next to the pink of the cardigan that I knew in that instant I HAD to make a skirt to match! First I considered the Lil Luxe Slim Trousers  but then I realised I'd need to print and tape so I went with a pattern I had already made and loved. Then, of course what do I put under the cardi! I've been on a crazy little mission to have my kids wearing 100% handmade recently, so the idea of putting a store bought t-shirt under this super adorable outfit just didn't sit well with me. So in entered the Lil Luxe Calabria Tee. Suffice to say, something that started out as a quick sew, turned into me going to bed at 1am!

BUT look at how cute she looks in it <3 and she loves it as well, it's that all that matters <3

Happy Sewing
T xx

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sewing Challenge - June Week 2

It is getting SO cold in Sydney, we've had some glorious days of 17-19 degrees but as soon as the sun goes down it's COLD! So, of course I'm still sewing up summer dresses.. .why? Well, I hate winter haha. I mean hate is a strong word but as my 4 year old would say, winter and I "are not best friends"

This weeks I made my friends daughter the Little Lizard King Sundancer Dress. It's a gorgeous little dress that is perfectly suited to older kiddos - there is no elastic at the back to make it look babyish and it's got a gorgeous sweetheart bodice with a fully enclosed placket at the front. 

It's not that it's not great for little kiddos either, my daughter is only 4.5 and it was perfectly cute on her, I meant more that the fitted look would really appeal to older girls as well.

I really enjoyed making this dress - the front placket was a challenge for me and I love a good sewing challenge.

I also managed to squeeze in a bit of pattern testing for Duchess and Hare, this is the Love Pattern No.9 and will release this Friday. It's a darling sundress with 3 bodice options and a skirt or playsuit or layered playsuit/skirt option. I went with the V and the straight bodice options for my girls.

It also comes with the template and instructions for a gorgeous set of butterfly wings that are completely removable and I'm still kicking myself for not giving this option a go during testing - I hope to have some time next week to make the wings and add them to the dresses I've made.

You know how I mentioned it's getting COLD in Sydney? Well, perhaps I should stop sewing sundresses and start making them winter jerseys instead hahahahah yeahhhh, probably not!

Though, I'm itching to try a hoodie pattern I've got in one of my One Thimble mags so I might get that done next week!

Till then, happy sewing 
T xx

Sewing Challenge - June Week 1

So for June I am sewing up a storm for my friends little lady. I decided to do this every 3-4 months so my girls wardrobes aren't breaking at the seams (pardon the pun!)

So this week I made the Lil Luxe Calabria Dress and Top, I got a little obsessed with this one and ended up making about four!! My friends little miss got a t-shirt, my 4 yo got two t-shirts and my small missy got a dress! It's a quick and cute little pattern that is so feminine and stylish on.

The sizing was pretty spot on for us, all the ones I made fit all of the kids they were supposed to fit - I made according to chest measurements.

That ruched sleeve detail is what makes this pattern so adorable - it's the perfect amount of puff. And the bodice has just enough ease in it to make it a kid-friendly dress they will want to wear time and time again - this dress has been washed and worn I think 4 times now!

I've got my eye on a few of the Lil Luxe patterns now, prior to this I had only made the Swallowtail - which was pretty adorable. The hideaway hoodie is one I think I'll add to my list and the capri pants as well - super cute!!!

See you next week! Happy Sewing
T xx

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Sewing Challenge - May 2017

I started May off by hosting a sew-along for Tadah Patterns. I made 5 Jaunty Dresses during the sew along, all using options I hadn't tried before as well as options I had tried but I added a tulle overlay to the skirt.

My girls were pretty pleased with their spoils!

Then I did some sewing for One Thimble prior to the launch of Issue 15! Can I say how much i LOVE this issue! So many of the 10 included patterns just work together to form a whole outfit. Just like the Bobkin Philippa Blouse and Once Upon a Sewing Machine Miriam Skirt - perfect together! 

My Divalicious missy insisted that if I was to take her out into the cold (it was 26 degrees that day!) that I would absolutely need to buy her a hot chocolate, she brought her KeepCup along to make sure I came good on my payment.

Then I spied the new Duchess and Hare "Sweet as Pie" dress and in spite of the fact we're heading into winter at the moment here in Sydney, I *had* to sew one up. I made it a size bigger so she will hopefully still fit it when summer rolls back around!

Then I applied to test for Duchess and Hare for their new Petit Four Dress, it was the cutest vintage style dress and my girls got one each out of the testing. This dress is so sweet and the pretty detail on the bodice really lets you be as creative as you want to be! I adore the puffy cap sleeve the most! The zip back made it a quick sew for me as I usually finish a garment and then procrastinate over buttonholes or snaps for a REALLY long time!

Then one of my favourite sews this month was the True Bias Mini Hudsons for my girls - the little one got the 3/4 leg style and my big girl got the full length style - they're fantastic kindy pants, cute and comfortable! My girls love to wear mummy made, so this was a perfect and practical sew! Somehow, I forgot to take a pic of big sisters long version and now it's been washed and worn 10 times!

Then I sewed up the Thread Faction #116 cardigan from Issue 15 of One Thimble after it was released. It was insanely quick, I've been going through all of the fabric in my stash to see what would look good for another one!

My girls needed a pair of jeans for our impending doom, I mean winter... so after a disastrous shopping trip I decided to make them a pair that would actually fit! I used the Tadah Pattern Peg Pants and some medium weight denim from Spotlight

Then my heart fluttered a little when I saw the latest Little Lizard King release - the Amsterdam Dress *sigh* go away winter!!!! So, I made one anyway.... and it was soooooooo pretty I totally had to make a second for my big girl. I've gone up a size for them both so they will hopefully still fit! My littlest grows like crazy - she shoots upward only - her chest size hasn't changed in a year or more! I'm sure she can get away with a pair of bloomers under for summer if she grows out of it by then.

Then the loveliest surprise arrived in the mail from the very very sweet Jen from One Thimble. Before OT and Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns, she used to run Ainslee Fox Handmade and make the sweetest little dresses ever - we still own about 3 of these and they are magnificent! So when I opened up the package I squealed out loudly because inside was this gorgeous butterfly fabric she used to use when she made handmade to sell - so of course I had to make one of my most favourite AF dresses - the Azure Dress from Issue 12 of OT 

Then, my 4 yo was invited to a High Tea birthday party and I needed to make her a fancy dress to wear and after flicking through my One Thimble mags settled on a Alyss Dress from Ainslee Fox Patterns In Issue 7 and I will let the photos speak for themselves - SO IN LOVE!

After chatting to a friend of mine, I think I will post each week about my sewing projects rather than one monthly round-up!

For June, I'm going to be sewing for a friends kids, my girls have WAY too many clothes, and I still want to keep my sewing challenge going, so I figured I would sew for someone else every few months. And then I decided that July would be self-care sewing! And August would be boys month! Yikes!!! Now I'm committed huh?!?

Till then, happy sewing
T xx